Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Kate

I think of my life as scenes from a movie. All different angles of the same scene are playing simultaneously in my diorama. Like waves, they are.....unpredictable, soft, kind, dangerous, charming, shocking, seductive, thrilling. Fulfilling.

My heart coaxes the life out of anything ordinary. For me, life is about courage. That IS adventure. The older I get, the more I realize how rare that choice is. And how precious a choice that can be.

I have grieved the waste of settling for what others had convinced me was life. Or what was love? What is trust? What is success? What can all these things be?

And I can tell you, the gratitude I have for that knowledge, is a bounty! My life as a performer, as an artist, both conventional & abstract, is about discovery & unfettered expression.

Every new person I meet, every new experience adds a new note to my next expression. My next photograph, my next witty wordsmith, my next performance, my next striking ensemble....they all have a spark of curiosity & wonderment!

I'm proud of my soul. And I love how I live in it. Out loud & hungry. To be continued...

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