Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Elizabeth

All in her (baby) business


     I have this friend who wants a baby. She’s almost in her mid 30’s, but its kinda cool that she waited, because she always talks about how selfish she was when she was in her 20’s. I don’t think she was selfish, just kind of adventurous. And random. I’m really surprised she has had her head stuck on having a kid for so long. She’s the kind of girl who goes,  “Oooh! I want to take tap dance! (2 seconds later) Oooh, I want to learn to make flower pots out of old water bottles! (2 seconds later) Oooh! I want to build a chicken coop!”  I swear, she aint right! But I think she’d be a decent mom. Hell, there could be worse.

     It’s a trip too, because she came out in, like her late teens/early 20’s, something like that. And when I say out, I mean like full blown lez.  I’ve never seen her so happy, though. She’s been with this ex army chick that treats her like a goddess, well, not a goddess. She definitely treats her well, and she totally  deserves it. She met her online, and they hooked up, but they been together a few years now. She has had some crazy adventures, even in her coming out.  I like she’s not all,  “I’m gay, and you better like it or lump it.” She supports the unjust, and she shows love without fear every day.

     I ask her over and over again, “why don’t you just do it? Why don’t you just get a bottle of tequila and chat up some random guy and get it on?” But she’s adamant about doing it just right. She’s all about choosing the “right” donor, anonymous or not, making sure she picks just the right time of year for them to be born, having a baby name dinner party with friends and family…who does this? She says that if she is going to bring a child into this world, she wants ‘em to know that they were planned for years. That’s sort of sweet, you know? I was always told that I was the result of my folks celebrating my mom getting a raise at work. Ick.

     I really hope she gets pregnant on the first go round. I mean, all this planning, and then having to wait. She has this crazy notion that she’ll know the exact moment it happens. You’d think she would know better, her being a nurse and all. I think sees the whole thing in a romantic sense, that’s endearing.  I really hope she does it this year, she’s been talking about it for so long, and I’m tired of hearing “next year…next year…” Get knocked up already! She pisses me off sometimes, I want to have a reason to buy baby clothes, and have a sound reason for sleep deprivation. Oh wait, did I tell you who my friend is? It’s me.

    I’m Elizabeth. I’m 33 years old, and I have wanted a child for 12 years. I finally settled down and became a nurse. I am going back to school to get my BSN so that I can do HIV community education, and AIDS hospice. My partner is Joline, my bull in a china shop. She ain’t dainty, but she has the kindest heart. We dream and pray that we can start trying in January 2012. 

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