Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet Femdenity

Welcome to Femdenity. Thank you to all who’ve joined our project and community. So what is Femdenity you may ask? Well, it is more than a blog, but is a supportive community for all women, be it biological, transgendered/transitioning and all in-between who are (re)discovering, learning to love and embrace their true selves in this exact moment. It is about sharing the journey, triumphs, failures and all the hilarious and not so hilarious pitfalls in between while learning about new ideas.  Femdenity is a safe place to grow to help others bloom by sharing who you are while possibly introducing someone to a new found passion. 

Each post will be an introduction to a new contributor who may choose to write again and may not. Contributors are chosen by those who’d like to participate. All that is needed is an honest article and a photo. Why a photo? Because I believe women have unfortunately forgotten what each other looks like and how looks transcends issues. It is a reminder that we are all each other’s sister and keeper. We are truly in this together. 

So, if you want to join this adventure or have any questions you would like answered by the contributors of the community, please send your article and photo to femdenity@gmail.com, and if it is just a question, you are not required to submit a photo.  I will send you a date of when you can expect to see your post and I thank you again for joining and for taking part. 

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  1. Wonderful welcome and introduction here! This is a place I intend to visit regularly! Way to go Zandra!

    Mina Astran